Marlborough Sounds

Marlborough SoundsThe Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand is rich in history. Originally starting from sea drowned valleys that have formed the beautiful waterways we have today. The Marlborough Sounds were extensively travelled and partly inhabited by Maori before the coming of the Europeans, using the Sounds as shelter from bad weather and partaking of the rich food sources. European history of the area is considered to start with Captain Cooks visit to the Sounds in the 1770s and not long after much of the Marlborough Sounds was (thinly) settled by European farmers in the late 19th and early 20th century. Today there are many areas around the Sounds that still have farming and some have progress into the marine farming of our famous green lip Mussels and Salmon farming, taking advantage of the rich sea culture it has to offer.

Today the Marlborough Sounds has become a sought after location from people locally and all around the world wanting to purchase there slice of paradise in this location to build their summer holiday homes. As a specialist in this area I can appreciate the qualities it offers. Swimming with Dolphins, Fishing for Snapper, Groper and the famous Blue Cod or Dive for our famous delicacy of Scallops and Paua. Wreck diving is also a great attraction in the Marlborough Sounds.

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